• 2019 | Nan Luo


    Nan Luo, a post-doctoral researcher in biomedical engineering, took first prize in the 2019 contest with an image of the stunning patterns created as bacterial cells grow.

  • 2018 | John Malik

    Phases of the Heart

    Malik's image captured the phase information extracted from an electrocardiogram signal using a Fourier transform—and won first prize in the 2018 contest. 

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  • 2017 | Asli Unal

    Tissue Patterns

    Asli Unal, a biomedical engineering doctoral student, took first prize in 2017 with a stunning photo of liver cells working together to form living, vascularized tissue.


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  • 2016 | Stefan Roberts

    Inside the Wildflower

    Roberts' first-prize winner was this amazing image of a wildflower's stamen and pistil.

  • 2014 | Aakash Sahai


    Sahai's image captured an image generated by an ion-beam in use as from a novel future technology that aims to make cancer therapy more affordable.

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