• 2018 – John Malik

    "Phases of the Heart", captures the phase information extracted from an electrocardiogram signal using a Fourier transform. John is a PhD student studying mathematics.


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  • 2017 Contest Winners

    Taking First Place was Asli Unal, a biomedical engineering doctoral student, with a stunning photo of liver cells working together to form living, vascularized tissue.


    Congratulations also to the other winners: Changyong Cao, H. Alex Guo, Kristen Collar, Talmage Tyler and Greg Murphy.


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  • 2016 – Stefan Roberts

    An image of a wildflower's stamen and pistil.

  • 2014 – Aakash Sahai

    Cancer therapy using ion beams has been proven to be more effective than conventional technologies. In this picture an ion-beam is shown at its source from a novel future technology that will make cancer therapy more affordable to patients. Darker colors in the picture show higher energy protons.

  • 2013 – Changyong Cao

    The hierarchical pattern is generated by harnessing the localized instabilities of graphene paper on prestretched compliant substrate, and can be potentially used as superhydrophobic coatings, flexible electrodes and supercapacitors. It shows us one amazing and unique sight of Nano-World.

  • 2012 – Yumian Deng

    Every time we shower, each water droplet serves as a convex lens and refracts the light, just like a camera lens. This picture, taken in the Kilgo bathroom, shows droplets refracting the light coming from the drain beneath. Each one shows the drain at a different angle.

  • 2011 – Mike Balajewicz

    Compact Fluorescent Lamp

  • 2010 – Jie Ren

    Granular materials, such as sand, behave in a surprising way: they can flow like a liquid, yet carry weight like a solid. We use transparent disks made of photo-elastic material that changes its optical properties when subjected to a force. Images reveal the otherwise hidden and intricate force network between the particles.

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